Laying on a couch late on evening, I had the following Vision...

I saw before me a saint knelt before the Lord in a pure white gown. As the Lord looked upon the saint, He spoke and said, "Where is your brother"? The saint just looked up with outstretched hands.

It was as a camera had swung around to the left of the Lord, and off in the distance there was a brother crying out... " Ohhhhh ... Ohhhhh.... Why didn't you love me...

The camera went back to the saint as the Lord spoke even louder saying, "where is thine brother?..."What have you done with your brother"?

Again the camera swung to the left of the Throne, and again the same cry. ..." Ohhhhh ... Ohhhhh.... Why didn't you love me...

As the camera swung back in front of the saint the Lord spoke again yet seemingly in anger. "WHAT HAST THOU DONE WITH THINE BROTHER"? But this time there were great drops of red staining that pure white gown, as the saint still knelt with outstretched hands.

Being puzzled as to what it meant, the camera then quickly swung back to the left of the Lord. Hearing the cry again ...." Ohhhhh ... Ohhhhh.... Why didn't you love me... I WOULD HAVE LOVED YOOUUUU..."

The camera then zoomed back in on the saint. Just then the saints hands came down as he wiped them on his white but red spotted gown. As the hands were again presented to the Lord, the camera zoomed in on the bloody handprint left on the gown, and as the camera backed away I saw the red drops were blood, as it was yet dripping from the lifted hands of that saint. The vision faded.

Ezekiel 3:18  When I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die; and thou givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand.



In this vision I saw a semi-dark 5 lane highway, and an old dirt road seperated by a grassy median in between. There were no cars, but people walking in in the same direction on both sides. Only a few walked that lonely dirt road to the right, but the 5 lane road on the left of the median was full.

People were switching sides here and there contiually up to a point. The median began to get wider, and the switching of people slowed. Then came the "Y" in the road. The median stopped growing, but the people couldn't cross over it anymore. What ever side they were on, is where they stayed, as they were held there. Not far away was the end of the road on both sides.

Up ahead on the 5 lane highway was a brightly lit up entrance to some kind of amusement park. There were many flickering lights of all colors, as well as bright neon lights. Music was blaring, and the smell of hot buttered popcorn, roasted peanuts, and cotton candy was all around. There was even like a kind of "electricity" in the air around those people.

Then my focus turned toward the lonely one lane dirt road. Not many were walking here, very few, with much space in between. This road had an entrance too, but it was an old wodden arch, directly beside the other road, but seperated by the median.

The old wooden arch was plain and dark. The loneliness and pain of these people was in the air all around them. No grand smells, just plain. Not a very popular place.

My focus went back to the brightly lit gate. Moving behind the entrance I saw a great pit of flames. There were two angels of the Lord standing just inside the gate, but not in the flames. The line became single file as one by one they either fell into the flames,were shoved from behind, or as some would try to turn back, the angels pushed them in with a wave of there hand . Gone was the grand smell, as well as the lights. Gone was the music, and the electrical feeling. Now just a stench of flames, and panic. No one was able to turn back.

As I then went back to the lonely road, just inside the old wooden arch was the most beautiful fragrance, the brightly lit (almost undescribable) kingdom of Heaven. The brightness and beauty made the outside of the other entrance look dull. There was the Lord sitting on a throne to welcome each and every one that passed through the gate. Gone were the tears of pain and loneliness. Gone was the plain pathway. Now with such beauty, peace and tranquillity, no one even thought of turning back.

The vision then faded, but the road is still there.



A few years ago I had a vision of these two ships along with many people on the dock, or more like a boardwalk. The crowd was huge. The scene was as a beautiful summer day with a gentle breeze.

Just then the big ship approached. A giant white party boat, complete with ticker tape, balloons, and small colored flags in rows from the deck to the very top of the ship. It seemed as if a marching band was playing on the ship as well.

I watched as many on the boardwalk had got onboard. Then they began shouting, laughing, and waving at some who were left on shore. To my left came a big wooden ark, so old, and ragged, it looked as if it was on it's last voyage. Nothing fancy, just an extremely old ark.

Very few were in line for that old and plain ark. They boarded, and I could feel and hear the laughter and mockery of the other people in my spirit.

Both boats began to set sail, as the ticker tape and confetti was floating down from the big white party liner. It still had the people shouting, dancing and waving to their friends on the boardwalk.

Just then my eyes focused on the white liner. It was only a few feet from the dock when the front dipped into the water, the back went up, and it submerged with it's occupants screaming for help.

Off to my left I looked and saw the old ship of Zion gently sailing away into the beautiful orange sunset, never to return again.



This evening as I was talking to my wife, I felt a great presence of the Lord, as He spoke and said, "Get on board the last train to Glory."

I then had a vision of a train in the darkness. I could see a Light of the conductor, but the vision stayed upon the man at the last car of the train.

There stood a frail man waving a lantern back and forth, as a little boy was running on the tracks to catch the train. Through the darkness I could also see a great crowd on both sides of the track glaring angrily at the train.

As the train slowed, the boy caught up to the flagman on the train. Tears streaming down the Childs face as he was still running, holding out a piece of white paper for the man with the lantern.

The man took the paper, and as he unfolded it, it became a cutout of JESUS name . The little boy was still crying, and talking to the man as the vision faded.

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